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Ataxia is a 2.5d four-player co-op action RPG that takes place in an alternate reality on earth in 2050. It follows the lives of our four main characters. Kay: a young boxer shooting for greatness. Mika: an excitable amnesiac with a past shrouded in mystery. Sable: a stubborn genius with a knack for cosmic architecture. And last but not least, Dex: a once struggling street performer who’s on the fast train to fame. Four characters with very different life paths will soon be forced together, to stop a galactic travesty that could destroy life as they know it.

Ataxia combines the old school fun of an arcade beat’em up with the side-scrolling of a traditional platformer taking notes from classic titles like “River City Ransom”, yet keeping up with recent entries into the genre like “Dust: The Elysian Tale” and “Strider .” You and up to three friends will run, jump, smash, and bash your way through 8 worlds spanning across the far reaches of the cosmos.

Your mission is to stop Aurora, a goddess hell-bent on destroying all of creation one knot at a time. What are Knots? They are the many celestial channels that once combined, make the planet earth. Become entranced by the world of Ataxia with fully voiced cutscenes and dialogue. Engage in dynamic quests that will challenge everything you know about the traditional RPG. Throughout your journey, you and your friends will be given customization options to improve your character’s unique abilities. Collect in-game currency known as Zin, and purchase special skills and equipment. Create the ultimate Goddess buster and put a stop to Aurora’s nefarious schemes. Do you have what it takes to defeat a god and restore life as we know it? Find out in Ataxia!